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Holyfield Reveals His Plan To Defeat Tyson Before The Historical Battle

Retired American boxer Evander Holyfield revealed his plan to defeat his historical rival Mike Tyson, before the upcoming fight, which would bring together the two legends of “noble art”, for the third time in their history after being cut off for a long time as a result of retiring several years ago.
Evander Holyfield and his opponent Mike Tyson are preparing for the upcoming battle, by going through arduous closed camps, where they are working to regain their physical fitness, to prepare for the “battle”, which the global masses are eagerly awaiting, and their returns will be given to charity, but the date has not been set yet.
Speaking to the BBC, Evander Holyfield confirmed that he was ready to beat Mike Tyson for the third time, and he knew what he would do to emphasize the heels of his historical rival in the “noble art” sport, indicating that he would use the same tactic, which he adopted Years ago now.
Evander Holyfield said: “I always liked winning in the confrontations that I played. Everyone thought I would run away from facing Mike again, but I wanted to send a message to him and to everyone, that I will not go anywhere, and I feel my hands faster than Tyson, and able to reach him.”
He continued: “I have to hit him a few times, because when you hit your opponent he will start to change, so Mike has said on one occasion that everyone has a plan in order to face his opponent. You are one of the boxers who often succeeded in punching good punches, but you can’t expose her. ”
And he added: “In previous confrontations, Tyson was not beaten much, because some of the boxers were somewhat shy with him, but I was not. It is true that I realized that he would punch me, but I also have the full right to return it to him.”

He explained, “Mike then realized that he had picked the wrong person to face him, and decided that I would be the last to strike the match. So, when he came back to the corner of the ring I wanted him to think about just how strong he was, and not the strength of my strokes that I paid him, and that was part of The play plan you adopted against him. You should push him and punch him. ”
He continued: “Tyson liked to punch his opponents, but he never liked receiving them, and I knew that these things the boxer tended to do in such confrontations, and when Mike was hit, I immediately knew that it would work and would slow him down, and that’s what happened “.
It is noteworthy that Evander Holyfield, the owner of the 57-year-old, who announced his retirement from the sport of “noble art” in 2011, returned again to a closed camp, and used the former Ukrainian legend in the heavyweight, Vladimir Klitschko, to supervise his arduous and strong training, which broadcast Portions of it are on his official account on social networking sites, “Instagram”, for the upcoming fight against his historical opponent Mike Tyson.


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