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Giorgio Chiellini


Giorgio Chiellini Exposes Barcelona’s “Weak Spot”

Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini continued to reveal the secrets of many of his former colleagues in a controversial book about his autobiography after he exposed one of the stars of Barcelona’s Spanish team.

After overcoming the crisis of his statements about his former team-mate, troublemaker Mario Balotelli, Chiellini spoke this time about Chilean Arturo Vidal, his former teammate at Juventus and the current Barcelona star, and a candidate to move to Inter Milan with the next “Mercato” summer.

Defender Chiellini was involved with Chilean Arturo Vidal for four years in Turin, and the Italian giant said that Vidal’s weakness was “drinking alcohol”, adding: “He used to go out to drink alcohol as much as possible, everyone knew that, his weakness was.”

He continued: “The Great Arturo was absent twice from training every year, and when he arrived he used to say he was happy. During America’s tour we were in Miami on the night of the last exercise before traveling, the next morning Vidal disappeared from view, he was sleeping in his bed and we had to move him by force”.

Chiellini concluded: “Coach Conte wanted to punish him with heavy training, the temperature was 40, and although Vidal looked drunk and did not pass the ball well at first, he appeared in an amazing physical condition at the end of the exercise, he was running mad, what do we say about Vidal? Bring Happiness is ours as he is a true warrior and hero. ”



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